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Lionheart Hypnobirthing is run and delivered by me - Rachel - a registered midwife, health visitor and hypnobirthing teacher.


provide group hypnobirthing at two St Helens venues (Merseyside), and private hypnobirthing courses within your home; in and around St. Helens. I also teach a preparation for parenthood course.

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So what exactly is Hypnobirthing? 

The worst thing about hypnobirthing is its name! It conjures up images of being put in a trance or something very bizarre and "hippy-ish". This is not the reality.


It is based on the work of Obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read, whose work led him to the conclusion that 95 per cent of labour pain is caused by tension and fear. Hypnobirthing works by breaking this fear-tension-pain cycle through:


- Deep relaxation and breathing techniques to stay calm and focused.

- Understanding of the labour and birth process so you trust in it and feel "safe" and reassured when it's happening for real.

- Psychological tools to cope with each and every surge, and

- Practical tools to minimise birth sensations and the need for birth interventions.


But...not all "hypnobirthing" is the same.

Most of what I teach cannot be found in a book (until I get round to writing my own of course); I've created a unique and practical course to prepare you for birth beyond belief; with lots of visuals that you can use easily on "the big day" (no chance of you forgetting what I taught you!). At the end of a course with me you'll think "thank god we know all this!"

So...get yourself comfy and make your way through my website.  All the photos are of my clients (shared with consent of course). Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages (links above and below) where you can watch videos of some of the things I teach, see what my clients thought of my course, and just generally get a feel for me, what I do and how I can support you in having a positive and empowering birth experience. Message me here for more info or to book.

Love Rachel xxx

"I really can’t thank Rachel enough for her part in my beautiful and exciting birth story!" - Rebekah Abramski

"Rachel's course is the best thing we did during our pregnancy. I went from knowing very little, to being confident in what to expect and how to deal with any changes to our birth plan. Even though we have had the baby, Rachel is still supporting us in the 'being Parents stage' which everyone seems to forget about" - Craig Jones.


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