My Promise

Practising Hypnobirthing greatly increases the chances of you having a smooth and straightforward birth, with less need for pain relief. However, it can't promise you the perfect birth - nothing can.  What I can promise you is that hypnobirthing will always make a positive difference; even if your birth does not go according to your birth plan, you can still use your hypnobirthing skills to remain calm and more in control, and, whatever the outcome, you will be feeling in awe of your amazing achievement afterwards.

I also promise you  that by the end of the course you will feel more relaxed, more confident, more prepared, and even excited (wouldn't that be nice?!) about your forthcoming birth.

"Rachel is a hypnobirthing legend!!! I went from an anxious mum who suffered a difficult first birth, to fully confident and giving birth completely pain relief free second time round. Rachel equips you with absolutely everything you need for birth - she’s a diamond!" - Susanne Harris (see pic above)


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