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"It's brilliant. I loved all the stuff about the postnatal period and what other cultures do. I'm also going to use the information about newborn behaviours with my older children as they struggle to 'read' the baby sometimes" - Gemma Wade.

"If only I had done this course before I had my (first) baby. What a comfort that would have been regarding recovery and expectations. Rachel's approach and support will help mums to trust their instinctual voice regardless of what family members or friends may be saying with well meaning but outdated advice" - Kimberley Knight.

The time after the birth – with a new baby – can be quite a shock! And can be a real muddle of emotions – joy, elation, tiredness, worry, confusion, agitation (sometimes all in one day!)

People often say that they wish their baby came with an instruction manual and, whilst every baby is different, babies do communicate their needs in a range of ways to their parents.

We know that parents who are in tune with their baby’s signals and cues have greater confidence in their ability to nurture their baby and, in turn, baby benefits from having their needs met sooner and so forms more positive and stable relationships with their parents. These babies are generally much calmer and settled, and then develop into calm and confident children, then adults. It all starts very early on!

This Preparation for Parenthood course is 2 hour antenatal session, all about your new baby. It will include things like:

  • How the newborn brain develops.

  • Newborn behaviours AKA “baby watching”; noticing and understanding baby’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) cues.

  • How to support their emotional needs.

  • Sleep expectations and how to support your baby as well as their age permits.

  • Feeding choices and decisions (Lionheart Hypnobirthing has achieved "baby friendly infant feeding status")

  • Looking after yourself in the haze of the newborn period.

  • Finding your own parenting style.


This is not a prescription course – their will be no “shoulds” or “musts”. There will also be no talk of “you’ll make a rod for your own back” or “let them cry it out” as this is not my style. Instead, it will be a relaxed and informal session, where I will share with you my knowledge and experiences as a midwife, parenting practitioner and health visitor, and you can apply this to your own family however you feel best.

The cost for this course is just £20.1 ticket per household is all that is needed.  Dates and tickets can be viewed at

If you would prefer to do this course privately and/or "in person", just message for details.


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